Utility Services in Bettiah

By virtue of being a District Headquarter of West Champaran, Bettiah certainly boosts with pretty reliable infrastructure in many critical areas of utility services. This reliability though looks little less robust when its infrastructure is directly compared with that of other major cities of Bihar, or for that any other first tier city of other states. However, these results thrown up by these comparisons cannot hide the fact that some of the important utility services in Bettiah city have made significant improvement during last few decades. To help you know more about this we’ve brought comprehensive information about each and every utility service available in Bettiah city.

Utility Services in Bettiah
Utility Services

Healthcare Services in Bettiah

There is no denying that during past few decades number of hospitals in Bettiah has risen, but unfortunately with the exception of two hospitals healthcare infrastructure of all other hospitals is very much below par. These two notable hospitals are Maharani Janki Kuwar Hospital or MJK Hospital and Bettiah Hospital and Medical College. These two healthcare institutions unarguably play a very important role in diagnosing many complicated diseases. Availability of these two critical institutions in Bettiah city though is very meager. If we’ve to put it in numbers, then there are just 4 to 5 pathological labs in the entire city. Now finally coming to chemist shops and general clinics, where situation is comparatively more pleasant. This is to say that today this city has no shortage of chemist shops and clinics. They are virtually present in almost all the important commercial and landmark areas of the city. For More Click Here

Maharani Janki Kuwar Hospital
Address: 2, Hospital Road, Near Government Hospitals, Kali Bagh Colony Bettiah- 845438
Phone no: Not available

Bettiah Hospital and Medical College
Indralok Apartment, Opp. Allahabad Bank
P.O. : Mahendru, Mohalla : Pirbahore
Patna - 800 006
Phone no: + 91 8084 906 801 / + 91 9430 090 514

Transportation Services in Bettiah

Transport in Bettiah
Today Bettiah city boosts a pretty good transportation infrastructure. At the heart of its transportation infrastructure lays the very important Bettiah Railway Station. Well, its importance can be gauged from the fact that it not only connects Bettiah to many of the important cities of Bihar, but also quite a few important cities located outside Bihar state. To name few of these important cities, then they are as follows: Muzaffarpur, Gorakhpur, Sonpur, Delhi Howarh and Mumbai. Moving to local transportation, then decent presence of auto rickshaws across the town ensures smooth functioning of entire local transportation system. Good numbers of auto rickshaws are available at almost all the important landmark areas of the city. Ensuring that commuters can find auto rickshaw anywhere, anytime within main city. However, another reality is that brisk rise in local population has already brought tremendous pressure on existing number of auto rickshaws. And by all means they can very well fall short of actual demand if more auto rickshaws are not added in near future. Currently though situation is under pretty much control.

Bettiah Railway Station
Address: Station Road, West Champaran, Bihar
Station Code: BTH/Bettiah (2 PFs)
Zone: ECR/East Central
Division: Samastipur

Banking Services in Bettiah

Today Bettiah enjoys pleasant scenario in terms of banking service as there are many leading banks in this city of Bihar. These banks are efficient as that of any other leading cities of India. To name a few of these reputed banks, then they are as follows: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank, Punjab National Bank, IDBI and Bank of Baroda. Besides these reputed banks, there is also sizeable presence of small micro finance institutions and local cooperative banks in the city. They too are playing very important role in giving financial self sufficiency and financial freedom to local people here.

Axis Bank
Address: Supriya Road, Opp Kishan Hotel, Bihar, Bettiah, 845438
IFSC Code: UTIB0000630
Phone no: 06254-248 728/ 247 124/ 310

Address: Hotel Delhi Darbar, Station Road, Mahavat Toli, 845438
IFSC Code: ICIC0000711
Phone no: 06254-240643

Address: Supriya Cinema Road, Bihar, Bettiah – 845438
IFSC Code: HDFC0001648
Phone no: 0612-6160616

Canara Bank
Address: P.B.No.4 Sowe Babu Chowk, Paschim Champaran Dist, Bihar, Bettiah, 845438
IFSC Code: CNRB0001433
Phone no: 06254-232863

Union Bank of India
Address: Supriya Cinema Road, Bihar, Bettiah 845438
IFSC Code: UBIN0557242
Phone no: 06254-246339

Safety and Security in Bettiah

Citizens of Bettiah never ever have to worry about their safety and security. This is because here all anti social elements and criminals elements are under control. This enormous task is but obviously fulfilled by local police station of Bettiah, which is located in the very heart of the city. Besides, local police stations in all adjoining towns and villages are also working very hard to keep all criminal elements in control and also ensure that they don’t trespass into main city of Bettiah.
Over all, peace and stability of entire Bettiah district is ensured by presence of police stations at all the critical cities and villages of the district. Invariably making not just Bettiah city, but also entire Bettiah district very peaceful and stable region.

Superintendent of Police, Bettiah
Tel: 06254232563 (O)
06254232886 (R)
Mob: 9431822986

Dy. Superintendent of Police, (HQ) Bettiah
06254232464 (O)
FAX : 06254248960

S.D.P.O., Sadar
Tel: 06254232464
Mob: 9431800079

Tel: 06254 242442
Mob: 9431822383

Postal and Courier Services in Bettiah

Post Offices in Bettiah
Courier Services

The ever reliable India Post services as well as decent number of private courier services are available across the town. Both of them fully ensure the delivery of booked items on time. Over all, the current scenario existing in postal and courier services is pretty pleasant and robust.

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd
Address: Ground Floor, LAL Bazar, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-243901, +(91)-9939827094

First Flight Courier Limited
Address: 7/8, Church Road, Near Us Pathak Clinic, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9386558663

Trackon Couriers Pvt Ltd
Address: Main Road, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah - 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9122403511

Akash Ganga Courier Ltd
Address: LAL Bazar, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-241535, +(91)-9431465872

The Professional Courier
Address: 78, LAL Bazaar Road, Opposite Bharat Jalpan Hotel, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-240856, 240876

Petrol Pumps and LPG Gas Agencies in Bettiah

Today there are decent numbers of Petrol pumps and gas agencies present across Bettiah city, making the city pretty self sufficient on the critical energy front. This obviously means that people here don’t have to struggle at all to buy petrol/diesel or LPG gas. They can get it, whenever they wish to. However, to ensure that this situation of self sufficiency continues even in future more petrol pumps and gas agencies will have to be added in coming years. The need for more petrol pumps and gas agencies obviously arises from continuous rise in local population.

Petrol Pumps in Bettiah

Thodi Brothers
Address: Prajapati Marg, West Champaran, Bettiah- 845438
Phone no: (06254) 242520, 09431212520

Krishna Brothers
Address: Nh28b, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah - 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9431275522

Narayan Fuel Station
Address: Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9934037101

Rameshwar Service Station
Address: Naurangabagh, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9835082722

Gas Agencies in Bettiah

Pragya Gas
Address: Hariwatika Chowk, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-244802

Nutan Gas Service
Address: Kavivar Nepali Path, Main Road, Near Petrol Pump and Town Hall, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah - 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-242812, 242277

Telecom Services in Bettiah

During last one decade Bettiah has been fully able to embrace modern day mobile technology. As a result today Bettiah people can make affordable mobile calls to any village or city of India. Besides, making ISD or international call is also very much possible from Bettiah today. Coming to internet services, then internet service has made a pretty decent progress in this part of the world. 3G and broadband internet services are available at almost all the important landmark areas of the city. However, owing to lack of internet literacy internet penetration is still very low in this city.

In the end we’d like to conclude that barring healthcare services most other utility services are offering their services pretty efficiently. That said, there is still huge room of improvement existing in almost utility services. For instance, local transportation is still in need of more auto rickshaws, having more petrol pumps is also need of the hour so and so forth. However, despite all these apparent room for improvement one can take satisfaction from the fact that most of Bettiah's utility services (barring of course healthcare services) are backed by very reliable infrastructure.

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