Healthcare Services in Bettiah

As compared to past today Bettiah’s healthcare services can surely be termed as more reliable and solid. However, major infrastructural deficiencies still continue to plague its healthcare services, causing significant inconvenience to all local patients. Currently you can find hospitals, path-labs chemists and many other sub-sects of healthcare services in Bettiah.

Hospitals in Bettiah

Hospitals in Bettiah

Today as compared to past there are far better number of well equipped hospitals in Bettiah. However, in comparison to sophisticated infrastructure of multi specialty hospitals operating in first tier cities then Bettiah’s most hospitals surely lag way behind. Maharani Janki Kuwar Hospital or MJK Hospital and Bettiah Hospital and Medical College are two most visited hospitals in Bettiah. Amongst all the local hospitals these two hospitals boost the modern and robust healthcare facilities. And not surprisingly they are the most trusted and reputed hospitals also. In fact MJK Hospital draws huge numbers of patients not only from West Champaran region alone, but also from entire North Bihar and also from neighboring Nepal country. If in near future Bettiah manages to build more such hospitals, then Bettiah’s healthcare standard would surely rise to new level. However, overall increase in number of hospitals during last two decades can surely be seen as sign of better things to come in near future.

Maharani Janki Kuwar Hospital
Address: 2, Hospital Road, Near Government Hospitals, Kali Bagh Colony Bettiah- 845438
Phone no: Not available

Bettiah Hospital and Medical College
Indralok Apartment, Opp. Allahabad Bank
P.O. : Mahendru, Mohalla : Pirbahore
Patna - 800 006
Phone no: + 91 8084 906 801 / + 91 9430 090 514

Jeevan Deep Hospital
Address: I T I Colony, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9430925946

R R Memorial Hospital
Address: Mitra Chowk, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9430826201

Dr Deepak Jayswal's Hosital
Address: Hospital Road, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9431212002

Chemist Shops in Bettiah

Well, on the front of chemist shops and clinics things were never so much better as they are today. That’s because during last few decades hordes of chemist shops and clinics have opened shutters in this city. Therefore present situation is lot, lot better than the past when local patients had to go through considerable struggle to find life saving drugs or a qualified doctor. This self sufficiency, however, needs to be capitalized by further increasing number of chemist shops and hospitals. This is so critical keeping in mind city’s population is growing a pretty brisk pace, subsequently pushing demand for medicines and doctors.

Pappu Drug Agency
Address: 2, Hospital Road, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-234255, +(91)-9471344436

Juhi Drugs
Address: LAL Bazar, Opposite Bhartiya Beej Bhandar, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9471267525

Prabhat Drug
Address: Church Road, Near Doctor U.S Pathak, WestChamparan, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-236584, +(91)-9430668628

Vijay Medical Stores
Address: Mina Bazar, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-242565

Shanti Drug House
Address: Near Kailash Guest House, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-242297

Ganga Medico
Address: Hospital Road, Meta Chawlk, Bettiah HO, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-241240, +(91)-8809023105

Pathological labs in Bettiah

Considerable absence of pathological labs and diagnostic centers reminds that Bettiah’s healthcare services still has a long, long way to go. This conclusive and decisive statement should be sufficient enough to tell you that this city does not have many pathological labs and diagnostic centers. And few ones that are there are not really laced with modern facilities. This unpleasant scenario, needless to say, causes significant inconvenience to local hospitals and patients.

Adarsh Janch Ghar
Address: Hospital Road, Mitra Chowk, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-242160

Thyrocare Aarogyam Centre
Address: House No 145, 1st Floor, Hospital Road, Opposite Dr Nikhilesh Chandra Sinha, Bettiah Ho, Bettiah – 845438
Phone no: +(91)-6254-240157, +(91)-22-27622762,

Modern Janch Ghar
Address: Near U.s.pathak Clinic, Church Road, Po Bethia, Bettiah - 845438
Phone no: +(91)-9431427854

MJK Hospital Blood Bank
Address: 2, Hospital Road, Near Government Hospital, Bettiah- 845438
Phone no: (06254) 241227

In conclusion we’d like to again reiterate that things are much better than they were in the past, but major infrastructural deficiencies continue to exist even today. Especially deficiency of well equipped hospitals and pathological labs/diagnostic centers is the major bane of Bettiah’s healthcare service. Well, the only way to cope with this bane is to increase their numbers. Overcoming this challenge though will need lot of effort and also overwhelming desire on behalf of local authorities.

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